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3 Benefits Of A Second Photographer

As a wedding photographer who has second-shot for fellow wedding photographers for two years straight, solo shot, and worked with
many second photographers, the topic of benefits of a second photographer is something I could talk about for hours

Picture this: you’re deep in the wedding planning process, you met with a couple of photographers, analyzed their work and their pricing until finally, you
booked the one you connected with on every level, from personality to style of work.

You may be wondering, “why do I need a second wedding photographer?” now.

Let me break down a couple of benefits of having a second wedding photographer for you, and no, this isn’t anything you need to go through the
trouble of booking because wedding photographers usually have packages that include a second photographer or can be added a la carte depending on the logistics
of your wedding day.

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1. Better photography coverage

One of the main benefits of a second wedding photographer is that wide variety of images can be captured at the same
time, creating a smooth work timeline and better coverage of your wedding day.

For instance, partner 1’s hair and make up is scheduled to be done at the same time as partner 2 is getting ready
and it is important to both partners to have those initial images of the day where both are getting ready surrounded by
mom, dad, siblings, best friends –you get the picture, right? one photographer can’t be in two places at once, so the best
plan is to have one photographer capturing bride or partner 1’s details + getting ready images while second photographer
captures partner 2’s details + getting ready images.

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2. More room for creativity.

Having a second photographer allows your main photographer (y’know, the one you hired) to move freely and try to capture
images beyond those safe and predictable shots. Something about knowing that all angles and safe shots will be captured with two
photographers present allows us to approach your wedding day more creatively.

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3. Got a jam-packed schedule?

Sometimes there are many things planned for a wedding day, the timeline is very tight and there is no room for error… let alone room for a missed
photography moment, right?!
This is where having two photographers working at the time comes in clutch, friend!

Think of this scenario: You and your partner are getting ready at a beautiful, super chic hotel a couple of miles away from the wedding venue.
Your photography team was working on those getting ready images and now they have to depart for first look, ceremony, venue details, etc etc.
BUT, it’s a weekend, right? traffic, lots of hotel guests checking in and out, valet services get busy and now your photographer is stuck waiting for her
car for over 30 minutes, throwing everything off schedule. But wait! Your wedding photographer’s counterpart was able to get her car and make it to the venue
on time to cover that first look moment… we’re back on schedule, baby!

Unfortunately, things like this have happened and can happen to anyone! if you have a 10-hour wedding day planned and the itinerary of events does not allow for cushion time
in case of hiccups, the best thing to do is to have a back up plan for your photography coverage.

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If you’re still not totally sold on the idea of having a second photographer join your wedding photography team, think of this
scenario: On the way to your wedding, unfortunately your photographer gets into a car accident on the highway. Let’s assume
he/she is not injured but the car is damaged, police has to be called, you know how long this process can get.

Your photographer is now late and missed a couple of moments that absolutely cannot be recreated. Wouldn’t it be amazing
if that photographer had someone to fully trust with your wedding day in case of the worst case scenario happening?

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If you’re ready to book me to be your wedding photographer, know that it would be a huge honor to be there for you!
I’m currently taking a limited number of weddings for the remainder of 2023 but please reach out through the contact form here
have a couple of packages that already include a second photographer for you and I’d love to connect and hear what you have

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These images from a wonderful 13-hour wedding day were all second shot by me for

at Stanford University in California and Blanco Urban Venue


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