Bridgerton Inspired Family Session

The thing I’ve learned about being a South Florida family photographer for a few years now (since 2018, to be exact) is that no two families are the same; no two families can be seen, photographed, documented the same. Sometimes family sessions can be stiff and straightforward, with little to no PDA between the parents for any number of reasons (religion, personalities, lost a bit of magic after having kids, you get the idea) And other times, family sessions can be wild and chaotic, parents often feel like they lost control of the situation because the children didn’t listen or


Family Session at Face Rock Beach

As a West Palm Beach family and lifestyle photographer, being able to do this wonderful job in magnificient places like Southern Oregon feels like a breath of fresh air. The change in scenery and climate is so refreshing and inspiring and I feel like I get back to South Florida with new intentions for my clients and the experience I want to provide them with. The style for this family session was relaxed vintage so we opted for a set up of canvas beach chairs and umbrella. I’m not big on using props, ever, but this seemed fitting for this


When to Book Your Maternity Photos

When should I book my maternity session? One of the most common questions I get from expecting mamas who are planning on documenting this special time in their journey to motherhood. My answer is always: do not wait to book! schedule it between 26 and 34 weeks –that’s your cute stage. After that, you’re back to feeling sick, uncomfortable, and just flat-out not very patient. Three descriptive words for Daniela’s studio maternity session when planning were: simple, romantic, and moody. We knew we wanted to include a few “Spring” elements too so we went for a gender-neutral green maxi dress


Maternity Session in Miami Studio

Editorial vibes maternity session in the most modern, lux, and chic natural light Miami studio right in the heart of Wynwood. ( This first-time mama was wonderful to work with and I can’t wait to photographer her again once bebe arrives. Moms, if you’re reading this blog and you’re planning your own maternity session, I have a few tips for you! The best time to schedule your maternity photos is right between 26 and 34 weeks. After that, there’s a solid chance you’ll be uncomfortable or need plenty of breaks within that hour of your photo session. Second: It’s totally



I’m Maria and I’ve been a full-blown photography addict since before I even owned a camera. So… about 15 years. I’ve lived in Florida over half of my life now, and while it has fostered my deep appreciation for tropical weather, loud gatherings under the sun, and art, my roots are in the quiet solitude of the mountains where I was actually born, in Argentina.