miami engagement photoshoot

Skate Park Couples Session in Miami

Summertime in Miami doesn’t get any hotter than these two, right here. When Laura and Sean told me they wanted a fun couples session “just not at the beach”, I knew exactly where to take them. As a Miami photographer who loves adventure as much as romance, I’ve explored endless non-beachy locations for photo sessions and met so many incredible couples. Sometimes the locations are the standout of a session and sometimes couples easily steal the spotlight. But every now and then, a location and a couple fit together so flawlessly that it feels like magic! After looking at these


Sunrise Maternity Session in Miami

Attempting to see a sunrise in South Florida during the Summer months is playing weather roulette. There, I said it. You may get an epic, soul-awakening, stunning, glorious sunrise or you may get an angry and powerful storm that could scare you shitless. It is what it is. The beauty, though, is in deciding to stay for it. Stay for the good and the bad. Stay and watch that storm unfold in front of you! And that’s exactly what we did for J’s sunrise maternity session at the beach. We met on a Friday at 6 AM at the spot

Miami Maternity Photographer

Maternity Session in Miami

One of my favorite things about being a photographer in Miami is getting to meet and work with people who are down for anything, down for a good time, down to do what it takes to get that stunning photo moment. Anything goes in Miami! So when I connected with this radiant mama for her maternity photos and I mentioned wearing this yellow dress out of my client closet and she said YES, I knew it was going to be a beautiful session. One of my biggest regrets in my motherhood journey always has been not having a proper maternity



I’m Maria and I’ve been a full-blown photography addict since before I even owned a camera. So… about 15 years. I’ve lived in Florida over half of my life now, and while it has fostered my deep appreciation for tropical weather, loud gatherings under the sun, and art, my roots are in the quiet solitude of the mountains where I was actually born, in Argentina.