Couples Anniversary Session at Bonneville Salt Flats

As a South Florida photographer who gets to experience summertime pretty much year-round, working out of the beautiful state of Utah every now and then can get to be a breath of fresh air. Sabrina and Dallan reached out to me when I announced on Instagram about an upcoming visit to Utah where I was hoping to shoot at the Bonneville Salt Flats. I immediately jumped for joy when they pitched their idea to me: minimalistic 70s inspired wedding anniversary shoot. Minimalistic? Heck yes baby! The Bonneville Salt Flats is THE place for this. 70s inspired? Sure! Wedding anniversary shoot?


5 Ways to A Small Wedding

Sometimes I’m the kind of person who is all, “go big or go home” and other times I like to stick to the “less is more” card. When it comes to weddings, I like to subscribe to the less is more school of thought. Hear me out! Times are changing and a lot of newly engaged couples are realizing they don’t want to spend a ton of money on an extravagant wedding. Or they want to keep things intimate, without other people’s input, without sticking to traditions or strict timelines… and that’s okay! To each its own. The beauty about



I’m Maria and I’ve been a full-blown photography addict since before I even owned a camera. So… about 15 years. I’ve lived in Florida over half of my life now, and while it has fostered my deep appreciation for tropical weather, loud gatherings under the sun, and art, my roots are in the quiet solitude of the mountains where I was actually born, in Argentina.