Content and Branding Sessions

My work is best known as lifestyle and wedding photography,
but did you know I also photograph content-creation and branding sessions? Especially when they’re for fellow
female business owners. As a female business owner myself, I understand the complexities that come with running
a business (plus, it’s refreshing to do something different every now and then, right?) and that’s why nothing lights me up
like supporting fellow female solopreneurs by co-creating with them when it comes to images that will level up their brands and businesses.

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I know what you may be asking yourself right now.

A branding (or content creation) session is a way of creating visual identity for a business. The process goes beyond just
creating images, though!–it includes bringing a brand or business’ values, goals, color palettes, and style together to
to represent who that brand/business is.

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Is it time to give your business some branding photos?

Every business, established or not, needs branding photography. Maybe if you’re just starting out and navigating the business-running
world, you don’t need branding photos just yet but eventually you will need them!
The digital world of marketing does eventually push every brand or business to have branding photos that represent who and what they are
and who/what they serve and stand for.
Some reasons to look into booking a branding photo session for your business:

1. You’re building a website. How exciting! Branding photos will help keep that project cohesive and show the world what your business looks like and who stands
behind that business, baby!
2. You’re expanding your audience or market.
3. You’re re-branding or revamping. Also, exciting! You’ll most likely need new branding images to match that new aesthetic.
4. You’re a professional! Regardless of what you do, you want to provide the most professional and high quality service or products, right?
The visuals should be cohesive with your level of skill and what better way to achieve that than with a professional branding session?

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Are you ready to schedule your own branding session yet?

If you are, then let’s chat about how to prepare yourself to create incredible branding photos with me.

  1. Decide on a location. Inquire with me here and I’ll be happy to start planning with you!
  2. What’s the vibe? come with a vibe, visual identity, mood, or better yet: create a moodboard! this will help us stay on
    track –if this sounds overwhelming already, please don’t worry. Like I said, I’m happy to start planning with you.
  3. Pick some outfits. Number one rule for any type of session is to make sure you are comfortable! I cannot stress this enough.
    Next, think of your brand colors and style and try to coordinate outfits around that. Play with some textures, add movement, try to have fun with this!
  4. Got props? are there things that represent your business? for instance, a photographer’s props include cameras, albums, light stands… you get
    the idea. An attorney’s props might include a laptop or notebooks. This is your chance to add a personal touch to your branding session.

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If you’re inspired by this blog post and ready to book your own branding session, I’m thrilled to work with you!
Fill out my contact form and I’ll be in touch with all the amazing studio locations from Miami to Fort Lauderdale and a cup of cofffe
ready to go so we can start planning!

Studio shown in this session is Soultuary Studio and it is located in Dania Beach/ Fort Lauderdale area. Spacious
natural light studio, perfect for branding, maternity, and even engagement photography.

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