Fall Family Session in Studio

Every end of August to September, my inbox begins to flood with emails coming from mostly moms looking to schedule
their (annual) family photos for the Fall. It’s like clockwork and it’s amazing, really, because… why do we have to wait until
Fall or until the holidays are in the horizon to take photos of our families? to document our pregnancy journey, to document grandma turning 95?
why does it take a special occasion for us to realize we should update our family photos?

These are just random questions
floating around in my head, by the way. There really is zero judgement from me if you want to have family photos done randomly in February for no reason
or every single October 1st, reason being that that’s when you do your annual family reunion. You do you!


Katie’s Session

So when Katie reached out to me about scheduling a family session at this gorgeous studio 
and mentioned that it would just be her, her husband, and their absolutely-spoiled and beautiful service dog, I was so excited!
First, almost no one requests indoor studios for their family photos. Second, bring your dogs to your family photo session with me and it’s automatically
ten times so much more fun! I was over the moon for this session right here!

miami studio fall family photos

Sadly, I came to find out during our virtual meet-up (aka zoom call) that their fur-baby had recently been diagnosed with cancer and in
addition to being old, they were afraid they would be loosing him soon due to ongoing aggressive medical treatment.

They chose to have their family photos taken at Soultuary Studio in Fort Lauderdale not only to make sure their fur-baby was comfortable
but also because this studio space lends itself to a cozy slash home-y feeling. It’s the only studio I’ve seen that features an earthy-toned,
minimalistic and clean kitchen space which contrasts beautifully against their white walls. Not only that but see this couch pictured above?
Part of Soultuary studio!

fall aesthetic family photos

How chic and comfy is this? Katie and her husband decided to bring some props from their own home, like
couch cushions, a chunky knit blanket, palo santo, a bouquet of flowers, and their favorite coffee mugs purchased on a trip to Argentina!
Clearly, this little family here brought an entire vision and vibe to their session and here I am sharing all about it because that’s how
truly incredible it was to have worked with them in creating beautiful photographs of what their family currently looks like and is going through.

soultuary studio family photos

fort lauderdale family photos

west palm beach fall family photos

service dog photographer miami

south florida fall family photos

port saint lucie fall family photos

fort lauderdale fall family photos

miami engagement photos in studio


fall family photos south florida

day in the life family photographer miami

The best stories will always be those that tell themselves. If you’re ready to have your family photographed by me, whether you have a reason to celebrate
or you want to document something challenging, beautiful, or heartbreaking you are going through, I want you to know first and foremost
that it is just as important to me as it is to you. Second, it would be an honor to me to be the one that gets to photograph you.

Please reach out by filling out this form

Please don’t let another year pass by without getting some beautiful family photos done. At the end of the day, photos are all we have. You do not
need a reason or special occasion to treat yourself to this one thing!



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