How To Plan Your Engagement Session

How To Plan an Engagement Session

Before I start sharing all my best recommendations on how to plan your engagement session so that it turns out to be a stress-free experience that represents the two of you and your relationship, I want to start with the big WHY.

Why should you have an engagement session?

Engagement sessions give you and your photographer an opportunity to connect, practice posing, find out
what it’s like to work together before the big day, and most importantly: they’re an opportunity to help you get
comfortable in front of the camera which in turn, make your wedding photos flow with so much more ease.

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In the end, these sessions are exploratory –where you nail down what feels authentic to you both, from the
way you dress for it to the activities you choose to do and the locations you identify with.

Now that that’s out of the way…

Here’s a short guide with my best tips on how to embrace this exciting time in your relationship
and plan an authentic and fun engagement session.

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1. Expectations & Visions

Before you go on Pinterest searching for inspo, get on the same page with your partner about what you would
like these photos to look like. What mood, vibe, style, locations, activities fit your vision? Is it elegant and romantic? Casual and adventure-filled? Nail down what represents the two of you and go from there.

2. Location

Make it meaningful. Look for locations that are unique and/or special to the two of you.
Where would you go on a date? What places inspire you? Think outside the box on this one because no location
is off-limits –there may be a special photography permit to reserve but it has been worth it, every time.

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Boston | NYC Engagement Photographer

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3. Styling

Possibly one of the most important things to consider for your engagement session. Expressing yourselves
with tastefully curated outfits that complement each other and fit in with the locations of your choice truly elevates
the vibe of your engagement photos. Avoid busy patterns, look for solid colors that work well together, and plan
for a back up option or two! Make it fun and don’t forget to accessorize!

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Boston, engagement, photography, lgbtq couple

Boston | Miami| Wedding Photographer

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4. Hair and Make-up

Engagement sessions are the perfect opportunity to get your hair and make-up done professionally or, even better,
to try something new that will give you a boost of confidence or help you feel comfortable while being photographed.
It’s also the perfect time to test how your trial hair style and make up photograph!

Regardless of if you go with professional hair and make up services or decide to DIY, remember to give yourself plenty of time. Schedule that appointment ahead of time or wake up earlier than you think so you’re not stressing out if you do decide to do it yourself.

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5. Relax, Enjoy the Experience.

Do whatever you need to do to relax during your engagement session. I know being in front of the camera can be intimidating, but here’s what I always tell my couples: don’t overthink it. Don’t overthink what I’m doing or what I’m asking
you to do. Do it however it comes naturally to you. You don’t have to look at the camera all the time.
You can laugh together, talk, tickle each other, pop some champagne, walk together, cuddle up, play some music and dance,
bring your pup (if you have one) and try to have fun!

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All in all, remember that the point of your engagement session is to celebrate your love and this exciting time in your relationship while capturing beautiful memories. Slow down to enjoy the process and the moments you’ll be spending together.

And now that I’ve shared all my best tips to plan your engagement session, if you’re ready to book me as your photographer, I too would like to hear from you! You can reach out to me by filling out this form right here!

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