5 Ways to Prep For A Stress-Free At Home Family Session

As a lifestyle family photographer in South Florida, I meet plenty of families… often traveling families who don’t live near the ocean and
want to be photographed at a gorgeous beach
where the kids can run, play, splash each other, you name it. Every now and then, I get the opportunity to
be welcomed at somebody’s home to create family photos and it’s an equally beautiful experience as working at the beach.

These sessions are so special, mainly because they
allow your photographer to see and capture you and the essence of your family in the most sacred space there is: home.

Today, I want to share a few tips on how to make that experience of capturing your family at home– the place where you’re most comfortable,
most at ease, most yourselves– a stress-free creative time.

family sitting by the pool

Start With Your Favorite Areas/Rooms

Think of where you spend most time together as a family. What do you enjoy doing here?
It is a play room? a reading room? your garden?
Found it? –now let’s get started:

1. Clear the clutter

I don’t mean deep clean the entire area but definitely aim to get rid of clutter that doesn’t add to the story or items that don’t
represent you and your personalities.
Random toys, mail, laundry –all these things can be distracting and sometimes not that easy to clear out in post processing
so it’s better to tackle them in the planning process.
Musical instruments, art pieces or even art supplies, family heirlooms. You get it. As long as they add to your family story and don’t become
a distraction in the background, then they’re welcome to be in the frame!

teenagers sitting on steps


2. Consider the amount of light available

Is there enough natural light coming in? This is such an important thing to factor in because light will determine the
entire mood of your session and quality of images.
If you have one or no windows at all in your favorite spots of the house, then we may need to bring in artificial light.
If there is no room to set up artificial lights, then your favorite room is, unfortunately, of no use and overhead lights are not an option
as they will often cast shadows on faces and these are impossible to edit out.

mom and dad playing with baby sitting on porch steps

3. Plan your outfits.

While family sessions in the comfort of your home can have an extra relaxed vibe, it’s still important to choose your outfits carefully.
We want to focus on the interactions between each family member while also bringing out each personality, yes? My best
suggestion is to look for lightweight fabrics that allow for movement and comfort.
My second best suggestion for outfits is to look for neutral colors that compliment and contrast each other. Keep the patterns to a minimum, no more
than two and no bold prints.

three sisters standing and hugging

dad holding baby boy in backyard

4. Let the children be!

It’s so important for the children involved to be given room to be their authentic selves. After all, they’re in the comfort of their own
home, right? Let them explore, let them show off their favorite toys and books… let them dance, play, climb, be wild and free!
The traditional family portrait where everyone is looking the camera while perfectly posed is great and all and that will definitely make its way
into a session most likely within the first 5 minutes BUT the images where everyone’s true personalities shine through are the
ones you will truly cherish, I promise you this!

child playing with rock in backyard

mother and child playing with rock

5. Time is your friend.

These kind of family sessions while they may be relaxed in some ways, they’re not mean to be rushed.
My suggestion is to plan for at least an hour and a half, two hours max. Part of doing an in-home family session involves scouting
checking the light, maybe rearranging some of the furniture or decor beforehand. And then there’s that other part:
if someone needs a little break here and here, a snack, a change of diapers or outfits. I think you get it but the idea is that you have to
allow for some breathing room in order to create space for those beautiful and authentic moments to happen.

mother breastfeeding baby in backyard

mother and son in backyard

If you’re ready to have your family photographed in this truly authentic and magical way, my books for Spring 2023 are currently open.
You can reach out by filling out this contact form.
Yes, I will drive to you whether you live in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, or Boynton Beach.
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