Welcome, friends! I’m Maria and I’ve been a full-blown photography addict since before I even owned a camera. So… about 15 years. I’ve lived in Florida over half of my life now, and while it has fostered my deep appreciation for tropical weather, loud gatherings under the sun, and art, my roots are in the quiet solitude of the mountains where I was actually born, in Argentina.

In high school and all through college, I was never noticed, always the fly-on-the wall type of girl who dove head-first into classes like TV production, ceramics, intensive reading, photography, sign language… I mean, can you tell what an introvert I am? Hah!

Besides all that, I’m a mom to a spunky little 5-yr old boy who has taught me to love a freakin’ good laugh + adventures. If you’re feeling like hiking to your location, maybe even shooting in the middle of a snow blizzard or the side of the road, then you’re speaking my love language and I’d love to meet with you!


Where are you located? Do you travel?
I am in South Florida and my main playgrounds are between Miami Beach and West Palm Beach.
If you’re on Instagram, follow along (@clickinmar) as I share travel schedules outside of South Florida. If I have multiple sessions scheduled, travel fees are waived.
I want to schedule my session at Vizcaya or Fairchild Botanical Gardens!
Let’s do it! I recommend you check these locations’ websites before you decide just to make sure they do not require a photo permit. Most of the time they do and the cost of it will be added to your session fee.
When will I receive my pictures?
Standard turnaround time is 20 days from the day of the session. For elopements/weddings, standard turnaround time can range from 8-16 weeks depending on season.
Will I get the raw/unedited files?
No, you won’t. It is not standard to give out RAW files as they are not the truest representation of a photographer’s work. I spend as much time as needed picking out the absolute best images + editing them. Trust me, I will give you every single image that deserves to be shared with you.
At what time should we shoot?
This will always vary by season but my preference is no more than one hour after sunrise and no more than one hour prior to sunset. Why? it’s not as hot during these times and the sun won’t be as harsh –this often creates squinty eyes, harsh shadows on faces, and less sweat! Of course, if there is a specific time that works for you, I am 100% open to making this work.