meet the artist:

ABOUT MARIA (she/her)

miami + destination wedding photographer

With over 10 years of experience in this craft, my career as a wedding photographer is rooted in going beyond just a pretty picture. It is rooted in observation, the art of noticing the moments in between, of reading the energy in the room and documenting it authentically as it unfolds, encapsulating it in photographs you will look back on and be transported to exactly how the moment felt.

This is not to say I won’t go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and look flattering. It’s my mission as your photographer to work with movement, light, and posing that will make you never again think that you are awkward in front of the camera.

inclusivity, transparency, integrity

When you book me to be your wedding photographer, here’s my promise to you and our experience working together:

YOUR LOVE will be welcomed, respected, and fully embraced.

SOULFUL images that are authentic to you + your wedding day (or you + your family). Trends are fun, Pinterest inspiration is plenty, but I like to grab the opportunity to create something more YOU.

UNDIVIDED attention, communication, and care. I never want this to be just an exchange of images and money. You have my full attention from day one and I want to work with you throughout the planning process.

QUALITY PRODUCTS always. In a world where everything is digital or lives in a cloud, I truly value and cherish the experience of holding a photograph. This is why I only offer quality prints and heirloom albums you cannot get out of a big box retailer.


miami wedding photographer


i am always on the go or ready to go so
wherever you are hoping to 
have me photograph you, i would be honored.

as a starting point, you will get between 50 and 75 images per hour of coverage.
it truly all comes down to what you have planned for your wedding day but minimum you can expect to receive is 50-75 images. delivery times vary by season but on average 8-12 weeks.

we’re awkward in photos. how will you know our style and how to photograph us?

i will know your style and how to approach photographing you in the most authentic, creative, and beautiful way by establishing a connection. connection is *so important* to me, this is why i require a video call at first so i can read your body language, your energy with each other, so i can hear you talk about what inspires you when looking at wedding images. i also recommend adding an engagement session to your collection, so we can have a trial-run of what it will be like to photograph you, to work together.

do we get the raw files? do we get copyright?

these two questions come up so often. think of raw images as the ingredients to your favorite meal at your favorite restaurant. going to the restaurant to have a chef cook that meal in the first place is the experience you went for.

copyright means i’m the creator and therefore owner of the images. delivery of these two things is never on the table. the clients i work with value the artistry and the creative process. anything less than that is not something i offer. if you are worried i won’t give you all the images, please know and trust that i’ll give you anything that truly adds to your story. whether that’s a blurry accidental image or a perfectly composed one.