Engagement Session in Worth Avenue

I was so excited when Sara and Frank agreed to take their engagement session to the wonderful Worth Avenue in West Palm Beach. In case you’re not familiar with Worth Avenue, let me tell you: all the romantic details like bougainvilleas cascading around gelato shop doors, European inspired architecture including a clocktower that overlooks the ocean, and stunning colors throughout the avenue –from pastels to vibrant shades. And let’s not forget, the best part!: minimal crowds especially for a weekend. This location is truly amazing for photos for the variety of amazing (and sorta hidden) spots! “There are a hundred

lion dance wedding photography

3 Benefits Of A Second Photographer

As a wedding photographer who has second-shot for fellow wedding photographers for two years straight, solo shot, and worked with many second photographers, the topic of benefits of a second photographer is something I could talk about for hours Picture this: you’re deep in the wedding planning process, you met with a couple of photographers, analyzed their work and their pricing until finally, you booked the one you connected with on every level, from personality to style of work. You may be wondering, “why do I need a second wedding photographer?” now. Let me break down a couple of benefits


Fall Family Session in Studio

Every end of August to September, my inbox begins to flood with emails coming from mostly moms looking to schedule their (annual) family photos for the Fall. It’s like clockwork and it’s amazing, really, because… why do we have to wait until Fall or until the holidays are in the horizon to take photos of our families? to document our pregnancy journey, to document grandma turning 95? why does it take a special occasion for us to realize we should update our family photos? These are just random questions floating around in my head, by the way. There really is


Content and Branding Sessions

My work is best known as lifestyle and wedding photography, but did you know I also photograph content-creation and branding sessions? Especially when they’re for fellow female business owners. As a female business owner myself, I understand the complexities that come with running a business (plus, it’s refreshing to do something different every now and then, right?) and that’s why nothing lights me up like supporting fellow female solopreneurs by co-creating with them when it comes to images that will level up their brands and businesses. I know what you may be asking yourself right now. WHAT IS A BRANDING



I’m Maria and I’ve been a full-blown photography addict since before I even owned a camera. So… about 15 years. I’ve lived in Florida over half of my life now, and while it has fostered my deep appreciation for tropical weather, loud gatherings under the sun, and art, my roots are in the quiet solitude of the mountains where I was actually born, in Argentina.