Bridgerton Inspired Family Session

The thing I’ve learned about being a South Florida family photographer for a few years now
(since 2018, to be exact)
is that no two families are the same; no two families can be seen, photographed, documented the same.
Sometimes family sessions can be stiff and straightforward, with little to no PDA between
the parents for any number of reasons
(religion, personalities, lost a bit of magic after having kids, you get the idea)

And other times, family sessions can be wild and chaotic,
parents often feel like they lost control of the situation because the children didn’t listen
or maybe we played way more than we posed around

Friend, I’m here to tell you there is no right or wrong to approach your family session with me,
I always want you to come as you are –I want to see the real you and how you love on your children,
your life partner, how you cuddle each other and how you make each other giggle, I don’t necessarily
want to see you all look at me for a straight hour saying “cheeeessseeee”
Althought there is nothing wrong with those kind of sessions either, it’s just not my approach.

When planning for this session, Maria came with big dreams. What are the odds? I’m Maria. I have big dreams too.
But this Maria had deeply romantic and poetic dreams for her own family session and we were determined
to make it epic and unique, make it poetry in motion.

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Taking a tiny break to assess one of my most frequently asked questions as a family photographer:
“What should we wear?”
The short answer to this question is to wear colors that complement each other as opposed to colors or
patterns that match each other. The not-so-short answer is to wear whatever makes you feel comfortable, beautiful,
special.  Wear something that will make you want to say, “these ain’t your mama’s typical family photos!”

When I meet new families in their search for family photos, I often find that they do not actually take professional
photos often, in which case I say make it special! Right? Dress up, get your hair done, pamper yourself and the kids,
make a day out of it!
On the rare occasion that I get a family who likes to update their family photos once a year, I like to add that they should
make this session fun and totally relaxed and decide on what they want to document –I’m not talking “my kid’s first birthday”
here, I’m talking document as in what emotion, what are they going through that they want to document?

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and hey, you! yeah youuuu! want family photos that feel like poetry or a storytelling masterpiece and not just some
flavor of boring yet mildly happy portraits, I’d love to document your story. Let’s talk about your vision for a family session– I can
be reached right here, baby!
Available for travel but you can find me in the following places coming up soon!:
September 27 to October 1st: New York City
October 5 to October 8: Aruba
October 11 to October 14: Phoenix, AZ and Lake Powell
November and December are officially closed to further family session bookings.

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